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Festival Pricing

Full pass: $50 (available at  classes, workshops, and online HERE)
Drop-in workshop: $10 (payable at the door)
Thursday social: $7
Friday social: $10
Saturday Rising Stars Celebration: $20 (included in full pass and available separately)
Saturday social after 10:00pm: $10 (payable at the door)

Saturday pass (includes workshops, Rising Stars, and social): $35

Bachata Battle: $10.00/couple 

Download the full workshop schedule HERE

Download the general schedule HERE

*Note: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday workshops will take place at 349 Dalhousie.
Thursday, Friday, and Sunday socials will also take place at 349 Dalhousie.

Saturday Rising Stars Celebration will take place at 414 Sparks.


San Tropez from Montreal will be offering a Bachata workshop

San Tropez is one of Canada's oldest and finest Latin dance schools and has been operating for over 18 years. From the opening of the school, their mission has been to create the most efficient method of teaching, to allow each student to become a complete dancer and to have fun getting there. The development of technique as well as styling has been one of our priorities without neglecting the development of creativity and the flexibility of style.

Check out San Tropez online here:

Captital Kizomba from Ottawa will be offering a Kizomba workshop


Originally from Angola, Kizomba has been around for many decades. It has exploded in popularity in Europe and, in the past 10 years, has found its way into the heart of dancers in North America. Both Lynette and Mike have completed extensive instructor training and  participated in congresses nationally, internationally and trained extensively in various countries with top international instructors.

Check out Capital Kizomba's website here:

Maude Chenier from Latin Shop Montreal will be offering a ladies' Bachata styling workshop

Maude is a Director, Instructor, Choreographer & Performer of the LatinShop Studio as well as 'Daniel & Desiree World Bachata Team Project' Montreal.  She has taught and performed at a number of congresses and festivals across North America.

Check out Latin Shop's website here:



Azucar! Latin Dance Company from Ottawa will be offering a Bachata workshop

Azucar's mission is to bring the energy, passion and of Latin street dances to Ottawa and get everyone dancing! They take their inspiration from the original Queen of salsa — Celia Cruz. She is famous for her sunny disposition, her warmth and passion, as well as her trademark of shouting “Azúcar!” (“sugar” in Spanish) in her songs. We’re inspired by her positive attitude towards life and her desire to share the joy of dance and music with as many people as possible.

Check out Azucar!'s website here:

Go Salsa from Gatineau will be offering an Afrobeats workshop

The GoSalsa adventure began in 2002 in Sherbrooke, in the province of Quebec. Since moving to Gatineau in 2004, the Latin Dance Company has been burning up the dance floors. Its continuing popularity in the Outaouais is attributable to the duo of Claudine and Komlanvi, both of whom are inspired by a deep and contagious passion for dance.

Check out Go Salsa's website here: 

Lindsay Hutton from Ottawa will be offering a Ladies' styling Kizomba workshop and teaching Bachata with Issam

Lindsay has a 4 year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Contemporary Dance from Concordia University/ Université Paris 8 as well as a Bachelor of Education with qualifications in Dance from York University. She also holds the title of the first Canadian Kizomba Champion of Africadancar, and represented Canada at their international championships in Milan, Italy. With her 9 years of dance teaching experience, she now operates her own classes, events, and performance troupes in Ottawa through her dance school Toca Kizomba.

 Issam Coluna from Montreal will be offering a Bachata workshop with the assistance of Lindsay Hutton

Issam Coluna discovered his passion for latin dance in 2010 in Dijon (France) and was instantly hooked. Since then Issam began his journey studying NY salsa, casino, bachata, as well as kizomba. 

After moving to Montreal in 2014, Issam joined and began to teach with The Rueda Project (TRP) and at various social events (e.g., Bachata Nights) in Montreal.

Maria Ford from Smooth Style Ottawa will be offering a West Coast Swing workshop

Maria focuses on West Coast Swing, Hustle, Blues, and other partnered street dances including Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba and actively competes in the top divisions of both WCS (All-Star) and Hustle (Professional/Open).

Maria has spent nearly a decade teaching adult dance and training others to teach effectively.

Check out Smooth Style's website:

Photo Credits: Katia Pershin

Miguel Brillant from Tout en Connexion offering a Brazilian Zouk Rio style workshop

Hayley and Miguel have created Tout en Connexion to develop fresh new styles of dance in the Kitchener-Waterloo-Guelph area. Tout en Connexion (All in Connection) is about Brazilian Zouk, Urban-Kiz and Sensual Bachata, 3 dances that use a very different emphasized kind of leading touch and connection. Hayley and Miguel are also pioneers of Brazilian Zouk in Ottawa (2011) and Seoul, South Korea (2014), one of the largest metropolises in the world.

Salsa Fever Ottawa will be offering a Salsa on 2 workshop

Oscar started dancing as a teenager in Guatemala City where he was born. He enjoyed dancing any kind of rhythm like merengue, soca, cumbia,  lambada and other tropical beats to the to the one that truly captured his heart: Salsa.
His extensive training in Salsa started with the Ottawa Salsa Legend: Ms. Helen Martin. Then continued learning more and more Salsa by traveling to other cities including New York, in order to upgrade his style and technique, followed by creating his own patterns, footwork and figures that have become very popular in the Ottawa area specially among Salsa Fever students.

Salsa Olé from Ottawa/Gatineau area will be teaching a Bacha-Zouk fusion workshop 

SalsaOlé opened its doors in 2006. Since then, its dancers have performed at many events in Canada and the United States.  SalsaOlé’s directors, Luc and Julie-Anne, are two times World Pro-Am Bachata Champions and two times World Pro-Am Salsa Vice-Champions.


Check out Salsa Olé's website here:

DJ's and MC's

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