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Class Schedule:

Online Classes via Zoom - New session starts March 30


1 session (1 class = 4 weeks): $60  & service fee

2 sessions (2 class combo = 4 weeks): $100 & service fee

Beginner Classes (8 weeks): $80 & service fee


* We have had to adjust our prices due to revenue loss during our many months of studio closure as well all the new health and safety adjustments we are having to make for the re-opening. We thank you for your understanding.*

  • Classes held online via Zoom.

  • No cash (credit or debit only). If you wish to pay by debit, you must still register in advance by sending an email to:

  • No refund policy. 

  • Classes must be used sequentially.

  • If you miss a class in the session, it cannot be carried over. 

Max+ Bootcampp.jpeg

Online - Max+ Boot Camp

Saturday, May 1st


via Zoom

Join Roudi for a MAX+ Boot Camp online via Zoom! The boot camp is open to anyone, individuals and couples.
1-2:30PM: The golden package
2:45-3:45PM: General Package (you will know what you want to know)
5-6PM: Body Movement
6-7PM: Musicality
The boot camp will be assisted by Ritmo Baile amateur competitor, Lauren Dickinson.


TO REGISTER: Please visit - $80 per person. An email will then be provided to you with the online Zoom link.

Ritmo Baile wishes to thank you for supporting the studio.


Online - Body Movement & Musicality for Individuals

March 30th-April 20th

Every Tuesday 6-7pm

via Zoom

Don't have a partner? No problem! This class is specifically designed for individuals to take their dancing to the next level! Learn the ins and outs of body movement, musicality, isolating body parts and developing a musical ear so you can be ready to shine bright when we hit the dance floor once again!


Online - Special 8 week Beginner Package (Salsa & Bachata)

March 2nd-April 20th Every Tuesday 7:10- 8:40pm (1.5 hours)

Grab your partner, sister, brother or Covid-bubble friend and come learn something new! This beginner package for Salsa & Bachata will focus on technique, proper weight transfer, hand hold, understanding movement and proper lead and follow. You will learn the basic steps of Salsa & Bachata dance as well as standard figures and patterns in these weekly 90 minute classes and are sure to have a blast!


Online - Latin Fusion 8 week Choreo Project

April 7th- May 26th

Every Wednesday: 6-7pm

via Zoom

Be part of this amazing 8 week shines project online where you will get the opportunity to try something dynamic and new, work on technique, footwork, styling, body movement and more! The style will be fusion with a base in Latin dance. All Intermediate + dancers are welcome! 


Online - Turn & Spin Techniques for Individuals

March 31st- April 21st

Every Wednesday : 7:10-8:10pm

via Zoom

Join us every Wednesday to improve and perfect proper spin and turn techniques for both leads and follows. This class is essential for anyone looking to improve their balance, posture, accuracy and power when turning or spinning both alone or with a partner. Perfect for social dancers and for performers or competitors. 


Online - Intermediate Bachata for Couples

April 22nd-May13

Every Thursday: 6-7pm

via Zoom

This class will focus on intermediate patterns for leads and follows, their footwork, technique and proper lead. Learn variations of figures and patterns to create creative and fun social patterns and sequences. You must have recently taken beginner classes in order to register (or be currently enrolled in intermediate classes). 

c and c.jpg

Online - Intermediate Salsa for Couples 

April 22nd-May13 EveryThursday: 7:10-8:10pm

via Zoom

This class will focus on intermediate patterns for leads and follows, their footwork, technique and proper lead. Learn variations of figures and patterns to create creative and fun social patterns and sequences. You must have taken beginner classes in the recent past in order to register (or be currently taking intermediate classes).


Online - Body Movement & Musicality for Couples

April 2nd-April 23

Every Friday: 6-7pm

Intermediate + couples only

via Zoom

Develop an understanding of how various parts of your body can move separetely and together to create power and dynamic movement, isolations and fluid motion! Learn the motion of the body and its interpretation in both leading and following. Intermediate + students only. 


Online - Patterns with a Twist for Couples

April 2nd-April 23

Every Friday: 7:10-8:10pm

Intermediate + Couples only

via Zoom

This class will focus on taking social patterns and twisting them to add variation and spice to your dancing. Learn various interpretations of the same pattern by changing hand holds, direction, footwork and more to take your dancing to the next level! Intermediate + students only. 

Caitlyn Portrait - Feb 21, 2023.jpg

Caitlyn Clement :

Director/Dance Instructor

Caitlyn started dancing as a teenager, focusing mostly on classical ballet. She has completed several vocational graded exams with both the Royal Academy of Dance and le Réseau d’enseignement de la danse. In 2019, she attended her first Latin dance social by random luck while overseas. She started taking classes with Ritmo Baile in the fall of 2019 after moving to Ottawa and attending local socials. She is concentrating mainly on Bachata and Salsa, and includes Cha Cha and Zouk in the mix.

She has performed and competed as an amateur in couple and team Bachata showcases, as well as Bachata, Salsa, Cha Cha and Zouk heats, winning multiple podium placements in competitions across Canada. Her current choreographies include a contemporary Bachata routine, a same-gender Bachata routine and a Pro-Am Cabaret Bachata routine.

Caitlyn is trained as a dance instructor and now teaches the Beginner and Intro to Intermediate classes at Ritmo Baile alongside her teaching partner Tomasz. She is also the Director of the school, leading everyday administration and long-term management and development.

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