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Class Schedule:

Indoor Classes

* We have had to adjust our prices due to revenue loss during our many months of studio closure as well all the new health and safety adjustments we are having to make for the re-opening. We thank you for your understanding.*

  • All classes are back indoors at the Ritmo Baile Studio at 12 Byward Market Square, Unit 3

  • No refund policy. 

  • Classes must be used sequentially.

  • If you miss a class in the session, it cannot be carried over. 

Updated Class Schedule - July 20, 2021.jpg
Body Movement & Musicality (Individual) - July 20, 2021.jpg

Indoors - Body Movement & Musicality (Individuals)

The best workout, ever!!!

July 20th - Aug 10th (4 weeks)

Every Tuesday 6 - 7pm

Price (per person):  $70 + Service Fee

Don't have a partner? No problem! This class is specifically designed for individuals to take their dancing to the next level! Warm ups, Stretches & workouts will focus on your joints and muscles, training them to execute proper body motions such as Isolations. All of which will be executed to music.

Intro to Intermediate Bachata and Salsa - July 20, 2021.jpg

Indoors - Intro to Intermediate Bachata & Salsa (Individuals & Couples)

Welcome!  You've made it!!

July 20th - Aug 10th (4 weeks)

Every Tuesday 7 - 8:30pm

Price (per person):  $70 + Service Fee

This class will focus on the techniques behind executing proper motion and movement to the standard expected from this level. It will teach you how to mix your beginner level with intermediate and allow you to showcase the progression of your style, providing greater enjoyment of the dance.

Latin Fusion Choreo Project - July 20, 2021.jpg

Indoors - Latin Fusion 8 week Choreo Project (Individuals)

I can do all this?!?!  Yes you can!!!

June 16th - Aug 4th (8 weeks)

Every Wednesday: 6 - 7pm

Price (per person):  $160 + Service Fee

Be part of this amazing 8 week shines project online where you will get the opportunity to try something dynamic and new, work on technique, footwork, styling, body movement and more! The style will be fusion with a base in Latin dance. All Intermediate + dancers are welcome! 

See the previous Choreo Project videos here:

- Latin Funk

- Latin Fusion

Traditional Bachata Shines - July 20, 2021.jpg

Indoors - Traditional Bachata Shines (Dominican Bachata for Individuals)

Shine like a star!

July 21th - Aug 11th (4 weeks)

Every Wednesday: 7 - 8pm

Price (per person):  $70 + Service Fee

Learn footwork for Bachata which can be used in solo or partnered dancing.  Find out the difference between modern and traditional Bachata, and the footwork that goes along with each.

Intermediate Bachata and Salsa - July 20, 2021.jpg

Indoors - Intermediate Bachata & Salsa

I wanna learn all these moves!  And look cool!!


July 22th - Aug 12th (4 weeks)

Every Thursday: 6 - 7pm

Price (per couple):  $140 + Service Fee


July 22th - Aug 12th (4 weeks)

Every Thursday: 7 - 8pm

Price (per couple):  $140 + Service Fee

*Package of both classes:  $240 + Service Fee (Savings of $40)

These classes will teach a library of moves and patterns that are expected at this level. You will also learn how to control the patterns, create your own sequences, and what is needed to develop and push your level further.


*Each session builds on the last one for 4 session in a row.*

Body Movement and Musicality Bachata and Salsa - July 20, 2021.jpg

Indoors - Bachata Masterclass (Couples, Advanced Only)

Enjoy your Master classes!!

July 23th - Aug 13th (4 weeks)

Every Friday: 6 - 7pm

Price (per couple):  $140 + Service Fee

At this level, students are expected to be intermediate+ dancers, already having an idea of what they like and how to execute most of the standard moves, patterns, and body movements and isolations.  In these classes we will detail what you already know to understand the motion from "why and how" to "where and when", pushing you out of your comfort zone and increasing the difficulty. Are you up for the challenge??

Special Package.jpg

Indoors - Special Package

One for all, and all for one!

July 20th - Aug 13th (4 weeks)

Every Tuesday to Friday

Price (per person):  $200 + Service Fee (Savings of $180)

Provides access to all classes, both for individuals and couples.  The most cost effective way to try every class, and keep yourself busy during the pandemic.

*** Does not include the Latin Choreo Project ***

EDT - Emergency Dance Technician.jpg

Indoors and Online - EDT:  Emergency Dance Technician

The personal touch!

July 20th - Aug 13th (4 weeks)

Every Tuesday to Friday

Price (per person):  $100 + Service Fee (Requires the purchase of a class)

The EDT package provides after class access to a dance professional, who will answer your questions about the classes and provide greater detail on the moves, patterns, techniques, and everything else that you are learning.  This includes:

  • Direct access to the teacher

  • Ability to schedule a one-on-one appointment

  • Personalized assistance with issues and problems in your dancing

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